Kutbi Sirka / Vinegar (500ml)

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    • Using sugarcane vinegar helps to cut down the amount of salt, thus helping in maintaining blood pressure
    • It’s rich in antioxidants and also helps boosts immunity.
    • It is helpful for rehydration as it not only cools the body but also energizes with useful carbohydrates and protein.
    • It is a nutritious drink with a good taste. An all-natural healer with no side effects 1-2 teaspoons (15mL.) twice a day with half a glass of water or with fresh salad. Shake well before every use. Store in a cool and dark place.
    • Boost your immune system, Help in weight loss
    • Improves digestive system
    • Helpful in maintaining good brain health
    • Help keep blood sugar levels in check
    • Vitalizer for skin and hair

Thus, it refreshes the mundane routine for fun and healthy drink.


We prepare Ganne ka Sirka in our Village – Kutbi and keep it for one year for aging before packaging.
Cane vinegar is made from syrup from sugar cane. It has a mellow flavor like malt vinegar,
with an added freshness in the mouth. It is widely used for pickling, salad dressing, ketchup,
sauce, mayo’s, and chutneys.

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Kutbi Sirka – 500 ml

(MRP ₹199 inclusive of all taxes)

Packed By:
Village Kutbi 117, Kutbi,
Muzaffarnagar – 251318

Weight .780 kg
Dimensions 23 × 19 × 11 cm
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