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Kutbi jaggery and shakkar have been originated after “Kutbi Village”where these jaggery and shakkar are produced. Kutbi jaggery and organic shakkar are made from 11 to 14 months aged sugarcanes which are produced in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh,India. Muzaffarnagar is known for providing the best sugarcanes and recognized as one of Asia’s biggest sugarcanes  market. We offer the best quality sugarcanes
globally. We don’t use hybrid sugarcanes, instead we use the correct process for producing an amazing and tasty jaggery and shakkar. Kutbi industries is a prominentmanufacturer and exporter of pure spices and pure jaggery products.

Let Talk About Where Kutbi Has Been Originated From:

Kutbi village is located 20 km away from Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh. We are renowned for manufacturing natural and organic sugar products for more than 100 years. The land of our village is rich with minerals & essential nutrients along with the presence of ganga water. Ganga in itself is full of minerals, and its anti-bacterial nature results in high quality of sugarcane. We deliver products in a more hygienic way and in a controlled environment thus offering several benefits. The main objective of our firm is to offer the best, natural and organic food products to enhance employment and work for the upliftment of fellow farmers.

We facilitate our services globally. Our company has gained the trust of many customers and corporate houses in a short span of time. Our company has earned great laurels as manufacturers, suppliers, traders and wholesalers of organic gur granules in the market in the present scenario. The products manufactured by us are applying the correct processing and refining method and are a widely sold product among all of our customers. You will get the product in a customized packaging and also at extremely affordable rates.

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